Get Your Brain & Body Feeling Peachy!

Peachy Keen is teaming up with StudioVIBEof Cary and representatives of Juice Plus+ - Robin Eisenbeis & Kimberly Shaw - to hold a

Brain & Body Wellness Event 
Brain Injury Association of North Carolina (BIANC)! 
Saturday, November 12
12pm - 4pm 
We’ll have demos, samples, a silent auction, and more to promote overall brain & body wellness!
The idea for this event came from Monica Mayer, a Peachy Intern and Fashion & Textile Management student at North Carolina State University. Her first love growing up was playing soccer, but multiple concussionssustained over her career brought it to an end. These concussions resulted in memory difficulties and headaches which never subside.
When she could no longer play soccer, Monica began to question her life’s path. Through this struggle she learned to cherish life’s little moments and discovered true healing was found in using her experiences to benefit others. 
She works alongside the BIANC to share her story and spread awareness. Brain injuries are an ongoing battle, and it is important people know they are not alone in this fight.
Founded in 1982, BIANC has a mission of offering help, hope, and a voice for people with brain injury. Now there’s a mission Peaches can get behind! The association strives to create a better future for North Carolinians living with brain injury through prevention, support, education, and advocacy programs. BIANC has 5 resource centers located throughout North Carolina, each with extensive libraries of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) literature as well as staff and volunteers to help those with a TBI find support and resources. And Peaches, you know we’re donating a portion of all sales and 100% of the silent auction earnings to our local BIANCso don’t forget to participate!
StudioVIBE (one of our fav places) teaches classes in Pilates, Yoga, and more! They are passionate about supporting local businesses and charities and believe in promoting the well-being of the entire individual through mindful exercise. Yoga & Pilates are beneficial to people with a TBI because they improve coordination, agility, and muscular strength. These improvements can reduce both the risk and fear of falling. Melissa Piccola of StudioVIBE will be giving demos and teaching the power of mindfulness  with a Pilates chair during the event!
Robin Eisenbeis, National Marketing Director with the Juice Plus+ Company and Very Important Peach, is passionate about educating families of the importance of adding whole food nutrition everyday. Coach Kimberly Shaw is a 3 sport collegiate athlete who is a Physical Education teacher & coach at Cary Academy. She is passionate about protecting athletes from concussions.

Juice Plus+ bridges the gap between what we should eat and what we do eat with 30 different fruits, vegetables, and berries in a capsule or gummy. (Peach Tip: We love the gummies as an after dinner treat!)  Research shows flooding bodies with whole food nutrition helps repair brain injury and Juice Plus+ makes it easier to do so in our fast paced lives! Robin & Kimberly will be in store and represent Juice Plus+ products with samples available for everyone to try during our Wellness Event!
We hope you’ll join us on November 12th from 12pm-4pm for an event that will leave you feeling Peachy from head to toe!

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