One Day Without Shoes

Peachy Keen is teaming up with TOMS for a special event, and we want YOU to join us! On May 21st, we’ll be celebrating TOMS’ “One Day Without Shoes” campaign. But you don’t have to wait until then to participate - you can start helping now!
Peaches, as you know TOMS has a “One for One” philosophy. If you buy a pair of shoes, a pair is donated to a child in need in one of over 70 countries. This can help prevent diseases & injuries, and even help a child attend school.
If you Instagram a picture of bare feet using the hashtags #peachykeenODWS & #withoutshoes between now and May 21st, a pair of shoes will be donated - no purchase necessary. Instagram 5 times using these hashtags and earn 25% off a shoe purchase at Peachy Keen!
Get creative with your barefoot pictures! You can take pictures standing in the sand on the beach, or with your whole family in a grassy field. Post adorable baby feet, or your feet next to your dog's! Take a picture while you’re getting a pedicure done and show off your new polish color!
We hope you’ll participate so we can help raise awareness while getting shoes to children all around the world. We look forward to seeing you on May 21st!
On May 21st, we’ll be holding an all day event in honor of the “One Day Without Shoes” campaign. Bring in a pair of gently worn shoes and we’ll donate them to InterAct, while giving you 10% off your Peachy Keen purchase. If you come in barefoot, we’ll Instagram your feet from our @thepeachykeen account and give you 10% off your purchase. You’ll also be in good company - our entire staff will be barefoot all day!

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