Internships are the perfect way to gain the hands-on experience necessary to land your dream job after graduation. In the fashion industry, there are so many horror stories of terrible experiences where interns are only to be seen and not heard, but that is definitely not the case at Peachy Keen!

This business is
 family owned and on my first day of my internship, I immediately felt accepted. At this internship I feel comfortable expressing my opinions and ideas and the more I work, the more responsibility I am given here.

Internship Description

Peachy Keen is a contemporary lifestyle boutique specializing in apparel, denim, footwear, accessories & gifts. We are looking for interns who want to explore:

  • visual merchandising
  • social media
  • blogging
  • retail sales
  • marketing
  • event planning
  • public relations
  • buying 

Interns will have the opportunity to gain hands on experience in all aspects of the fashion industry.

The internship fluctuates between part-time (minimum 12 hours/2-3 days a week) and full-time (30-35 hours/4-5 days a week) and is offered during the Fall, Spring & Summer Semesters. In addition to Semester Internships, Peachy Keen offers 8-week Fashion Show Internships focusing on Visual Merchandising and Social Media.
The internships are unpaid, however we do offer merchandise discounts, perks, and rewards. In addition we offer a shopping allowance based on performance and hours worked. This allowance ranges between $300 - $1000 per semester. 
​Please email Karly Hankin with resume if interested in applying!

​The beauty of working at a small, family-owned boutique is you get to learn everything. I have gained hands on experience in buying, merchandising, retail, and marketing. Of course every intern has to do tasks like straightening racks and sweeping the store, but that has been such a small part of my experience here. I have learned so much about the entire retail industry that will be incredibly valuable as I move forward in my career.

My advice for anyone seeking this internship, or any internship, is this -  you get as much out of it as you put in. I have learned a lot from Karly and the entire staff at Peachy Keen and am extremely thankful for the experience! 

Rebecca Sillers
Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Intern