Some Visuals Are Worth Melting For!

As the weather gets colder outside, Fall Fashion is heating up at Peachy Keen! And that can only mean one thing... our Fall Fashion Show is quickly approaching!! Here's a peach sneak into our theme and visuals!
But be warned, you might crave a cup of hot cocoa and a new sweater because Peachy Keen will be FROZEN OVER! We'll transform our boutique into a frosty winter wonderland with falling snow, mountain scapes, candles, and icy decor on Wednesday, October 29th!
The models aren’t the only ones getting dressed up for the show. Our windows will be too! For Peachy Keen's Margaritaville we created a beautiful ocean scene, and for Casino Peachy Keen we blacked out the windows to create an underground speakeasy vibe. This time, we're making chilling, frozen window displays featuring snow-covered mountain ranges that will make you want to build a snowman and catch snowflakes on your tongue!Snow will be falling down our windows and over the runway as you enter into our icy evening.
The first step in creating any fashion show theme is research. And there's no place like Pinterest for that! With pipe-cleaners, popsicle sticks, lots of paint and a little creativity we created our own peachy snowflakes! It really looks like it's snowing in our back room! Our models might just get frostbite on their toes as they strut down the runway, which will be covered in snow, twinkling lights and frosted pinecones.
Wine is a necessity in life as you well know, but what do you do with all those empty wine bottles? We decided to reuse them and create frosted over candle holders with just paint and salt! The candles, and our new gorgeous chandeliers are going to create a warm ambiance among all the freezing decor.

*Peachy Craft Tip: Save all wine bottles, corks, and bottle caps! You never know what you can make out of them!
Our Fall Fashion Show is going to be snow much fun! Peachy Keen's creative and frozen decor is a must see and of course the beautiful Fall clothes! Don’t forget to RSVP and follow Peachy Keen on Instagram and Facebook with #pkfrozen! We look forward to seeing you!

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