Beachy & Peachy with Margaritaville Visuals

For our Margaritaville themed fashion show this Spring, Peachy Keen's immersing our guests in a sea of Margaritaville visuals!

We decided to use a color palette of yellow, orange, lime green (of course!), a bright fuschia pink, and gold. We’re covering the front windows with a large beach scene, using Jimmy Buffett quotes on the walls, and turning the jewelry cases into a Tiki Bar for our Cocktail Hour!

Margaritaville isn't a destination, it's a state of mind. The front windows will be an eye-catching masterpiece that will really make you feel like you've got your toes in the sand, and a drink in your hand as soon as you enter Peachy Keen's Margaritaville! We'll have an ocean oasis, the sun, and even a ferris wheel as you “WASTE AWAY IN MARGARITAVILLE” on our beach!

There's really no limit to our craftiness! Just take a look at our Inspiration Board on Pinterest and you'll see we went a little banana wild! Origami fish in the water, a woman relaxing under an umbrella, and some crabs and sea turtles can be found crawling in and out of our one particular harbor! All you have to do is get your FINS UP and enjoy life on the Peachy Keen boat!

Sail away and go where it's warm, Parrotheads! The runway will be transformed into a beach scene, complete with tequila, limes and of course your lost shaker of salt and more washing up in the surf!

How did we transform Peachy Keen into Margaritaville?
It first starts with an inspiration, some creativity, time and lots of tequila! We believe visuals should be inexpensive, without limiting it's impression! Most of the items on the runway and the front windows have been cut out of foam core or out of black poster board and then given pops of color using paper, paint, or markers. The black poster board gives the items in the beach scene a silhouette feel, while the color helps makes it beachy and peachy!

Tiki Hut Margarita Bar
Our bottomless margarita bar will be lined with hula skirts and crepe paper in some of our colors to give it that tiki bar atmosphere for the Hula Girl at Heart in all of us! Origami flowers, leis, and tiny margarita glasses will be spread amidst the food and plates on top of the bar. You can even come and enjoy your first ever “Guac-a-rita” with us! I know some people claim there's a women to blame, but I know it's our AMAZING SPONSORS fault!

Nobody quite understands Margaritaville like Jimmy Buffett! His lyrics and iconic quotes can be found all around the walls of Peachy Keen's Margaritaville. Let his words whisk you away and for a change in latitude equals a change in attitude!

We can’t wait to show off Peachy Keen's Margaritaville, Thursday, April 24th at 6 pm so you can see, first hand, all of the hard work we’ve put into our Margaritaville themed Spring Fashion Show!


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